Episode 52: Reesecycled Art with Reese Forêt

Season 3
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Today feels like a major turning point and dream come true for ‘Still With You’, because for the first time speaking with a professional artist!

 Reese Forêt was born in Huntsville, Alabama but has lived all over the United States from Louisiana, Colorado, Virginia, to the beautiful Florida beaches, where she now calls home. As I sat with her in beautiful Gulf Breeze cabin, she shared with me her story of how she learned to create. Oil, acrylic, watercolors, and mixed-media/collage with found objects on canvas and paper are her mediums of choice. Just as I could feel the movements of the wind blowing off the front porch into the house, you can feel the touches of Reese’s southern, artisan family heritage, and love her deep for nature in artistic expressions.

Besides the fact that she is beyond gifted in her craft, what I love most about Reese is her honesty. Much like sacred hearts she loves to put on canvas, she is open in sharing her journey. Her experiences of divorce, motherhood, heartbreak, and learning to live again, bleed into her everyday work and relationships. Hearing her talk about how Jesus saved her and her passion for reading the Bible encourages me greatly.

Reese often combs the beach to find items that others have left behind. She does not see them for trash, as they appear, but for what they will become. Recycling items and giving them new life is just part of her creative process. This is parallel to the story of Jesus and just how much He loves us. With Him we are never tossed aside. He is all about the one, here to rescue!

You all are going to love my conversation with this amazing friend and creator, artist Reese Forêt.

Show notes…

 Reese Forêt

Music, “Lifted” from it’s all beautiful right here by Lily Garay 

Daily Audio Bible

Urban Objects

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