Episode 49: Film Creative Maurice Kennedy

Season 3
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Here to please God not people, 19-year-old Maurice Kennedy is as a college student, aspiring film director, TikTok artist, and amazing all around creative individual. With his natural gift of bringing laughter through his videos Maurice has generated a large, loyal online following. On top of the layers of humor in his work is his humble passion for sharing the love of Jesus.

Using Zencastr to record while being #stayathome safe, Maurice and I discuss the recent events of traumatic corona virus and how this is tragedy is effecting every area of our lives. We also talk about TikTok’s popularity, movies, and most importantly his testimony of heart change in surrendering to Jesus. What I love most about this friend is his sheer optimism in all things. His ability to speak life,  carry hope, and the Word is completely reflective of the character of Jesus.

Though I share the full story within the interview, do note that I connected with Maurice through my small group. During our Thursday night Bible study a friend shared one of his hilarious videos with me. We need community, especially during this very serious time. Consider this an invitation to engage and be encouraged, I cannot for you to meet this incredible dude, Maurice Kennedy!

Show notes…

Music, “Lifted” from it’s all beautiful right here by Lily Garay 

Ad Music: Tupelo Train by Chris Haugen

TikTok: @selfmade__moe1

Instagram: @selfmade__moe1

Pastor Stephen Chandler 

Destiny Church (Columbia, Maryland)

Preachers and Sneakers

War Room 

Facing the Giants



Candace Cameron Bure

I Still Believe

KJ Apa

Erwin Brothers

I Can Only Imagine 


Hacksaw Ridge 

The Godfather 

Do That the Write Thing


Star Wars

Lord of the Rings 

Elevation Church

Transformation Church

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