Episode 45: Christian Author Courtney Hope Wilson

Season 3
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Courtney Wilson is a millennial writer with a passion for leading leaders, developing dreams in this generation and helping others live out their God-given purpose. She does marketing and advertising full time along with her side passion projects.

She is the founder of The Trailblazer Journals, an online community dedicated to developing God-dreams. She is also the founder of the Little Creative Company, a small design agency dedicated to helping non-profits, Christian organizations, churches and dreamers develop their brand, websites and dreams.

Courtney is also the author of It is Written: Daily Truth to Face the Lies We Battle, a devo to help you find scriptures to overcome the lies of everyday life. Has someone told you that you weren’t good enough? Maybe you have felt the weight of anxiety or feel all hope has vanished? God’s Word has a truth for every situation.

On this episode of Still With You I had opportunity to speak with Courtney about It is Written and why it is so important that we take time in our daily lives to study God’s word. Better than a cute bottle of Life WTR, it is essential.

Courtney is the kind of friend you can find with a coffee in hand and turning everyday life into a grand adventure. She has a dream to make a difference in this world for Jesus one day and word at a time. I am beyond thankful to have her in my corner and for the opportunity to share our conversation with you.

Welcome to Still With You Courtney Hope Wilson!!

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