Episode 16: Singer-Songwriter Kristie Masing

Episode 16

Kristie Masing is an ultra talented singer-songwriter, creative spirit, and follower of Christ who I am beyond honored to call a close friend of mine. If you have heard the show’s theme song, “Soaring” or glanced at podcast cover art, then you must meet the creator of these crazy-beautiful pieces, the amazing Kristie Masing. In this sweet 16 episode of “Still With You” Kristie and I chat about her music career, the story behind “Soaring”, and two projects she is very excited to announce. You will be so excited too, trust me! Kristie’s heart gleams with sincerity and strength and I am all the time inspired by her hard work and passion. Listen to this episode, download “Soaring”, and then connect with Kristie through all the socials. Let’s get behind this friend 110%, because what she is doing matters. You all are going to love my sweet sista friend, Kristie Masing.

Kristie Masing

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