The Pink Pineapple


For $9.99 this pink pineapple would be mine. I bounced through the Marshall’s check out line cradling my ceramic fruit trinket. As an English major, symbolism is everything to me. Everything can mean something and nothing is done without some kind of purpose. This pineapple is no different, it is incredibly symbolic for this budding season of my life.

This past December over nachos and soup at Lucy’s, a little restaurant in downtown Pensacola,  I shared an island of ideas that had been holding onto for almost a year. My mentor, Tiffany, leaned in as I told her I had felt God calling me to exercise using my voice. She pressed in to my thoughts and prayed over me, she did not look down on my dreams. God did not laugh at my attempt to obey Him, instead He equipped me.

As I drove home I looped the song “Hands” by Tal and Acacia over and over again in my car…

And I- never knew what I could do till
I turned to Him and found my groove now
I can’t lose this joy inside of me
And you’re calling me to victory

I throw up my hands cause I know that you’re better
Give up my heart- this is my true surrender
All of my guards- all the fears- all the faking 
I give to you
I’m feeling a change- all the wounds that I suffered
All of the tears and the pain that I covered
Every loss that I know that it cost, Lord
restore in me

Are these lyrics not darling and daring? They are every bit of what my soul needed to hear before God kick started this new season of “sound on”.

Naturally, you might know where my story is leading. I bought a microphone and my little podcast, “Still With You” was published the following January. Then on March 2nd I took a huge leap and shared God’s word for the first time in my life at a Young Adults Night of Worship. It was amazing and since I have been praying for an overflow of similar opportunities if it be His will for me. God has been leading me down avenues of amazing encounters with Him and I am undeserving and beyond inspired. There is no amount of coffee that create this kind of high. This is Jesus and today I am celebrating with an oh so thankful heart, eagerly anticipating the future.

In the South, pineapples are a traditionally an expression of “welcome”. If placed on your front porch it is message extending to all visitors that your home is one filled with warmth, hospitality, and maybe lots of sweet tea? Everywhere I go I look for pineapples of all colors, shapes, and sizes. They always capture my attention. However, it is usually the conversations with the people standing near this tropical fruit that means more to me.

The pink pineapple sitting on the window sill in my office is a reminder of all that God has done in opening this season of public speaking to me. It also stands with it’s gold crown to convict me. I should always welcome God’s movement in my tiny corner, even if I do not understand His unfolding plan. His thoughts are high than my thoughts, His way is better than mine could ever be.

To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory. They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities destroyed long ago. They will revive them, though they have been deserted for many generations.” –Isaiah 61: 3-4 

My friend Emily reminded me of this chapter, Isaiah 61, in conversation over the phone the other day. God has so many enriching promises for those who seek His glory.  Our Father is faithful and true. He does not change, but He is also unpredictable. He loves raining confetti filled surprises upon us. Loving and trusting in Jesus is an adventure, one that you do not want to miss out on. Place vibrant pineapples at the entrance of your heart and welcome HIM! Let Christ lead you and be bold in following through with what He calls you to do.

If it is in leading, arise my love.

If you are to stay, praying and be oh so still.

…in running, by all means lace up your Asics.

In speaking, girl/boy be bold. Grab the mic.

In serving, stretch out your arms and love the heck out of everyone you encounter.

Even if it is just one step, take it. You never know how your obedient action, your island of an idea, or one heart beat can ripple out and change the lives of thousands. Wear your crown of beauty bravely. Be a great oak for His glory. Let pineapples harbor in your heart as you welcome Jesus to move in you. Believe me, He will and it will be so grand.

~~I love naming things. It is just something I do. All of my house plants have names as does this pink pineapple. Her name is Priscilla. For one she sits on a window sill, and second Priscilla was a friend of Paul’s, an female leader in early Christianity. Not to reduce this girl to pineapple, but simply as another reminder! Thanks Nikki Howard for sharing this name with me.

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