Six Summer Essentials

Creating lists and capturing summer memories are kind of my thing. It is my hope this season of baseball, fireworks, friends, and tropical fruit will be all sorts of amazing for you. Here is a list of what I would consider essentials to any stellar summer!


1|Snap decision shades 

You do not have to own a plethora of polarized glasses to be on your game against the sun this summer. In fact, all you need is one go-to set of shades. Pick a color that you love and a style that fits your face comfortably. If the lenses you chose or nose piece is not perfect you will be more apt to opt out of wearing them and this is a not a good thing. Glasses are a grade A protection against UV radiation. This does not have to be a huge investment. Odds are that you will lose a pair or two this season, so stick to a set $15 or under. Unless your Doctor has recommended you use a specific pair then listen to them, they know best! Personally, I love a bold pair of blue mirror aviators. I do not spend a great deal of time picking out my eye wear, they are my snap decision shades and I own three pairs.


2|Effective hydrating resource

Just the other day I grabbed this glittery Camelbak in hopes to down more H2O this summer.  Usually during this season I struggle to stay efficiently hydrated, but this year will be different. I am challenging myself to fill up my bottle at least five times a day and keep it by my side so I may sip away. You may prefer to drink from an aluminium or glass container. I have learned over time that I am not apt to drink as much from a lid that I have to unscrew. The Camelbak keeps my drinking game pretty easy with pop up straw it offers, even while driving. You know what works for you, I do not have to water it down for you. Cheers to clearer skin and better veins this summa! Hydrate!


3|A Must Read

I always store at least two books in my beach bag. With a flashing five stars and even a flying banner, I  recommend reading Everybody Always. With raw emotion and beautiful storytelling, New York Times Bestselling Author, Bob Goff, has delivered an abundance of wisdom with this piece. I have cried and laughed my way through this convicting read. It will change your view of how you see your neighbors, family, friends, and the world. It is challenging me to ask God how I can love everybody always. Get on board with reading this book summer, your soul will not regret it.

Two Honorable mentions…

Bittersweet by Shuana Niequist

Twenty Two by Alison Trowbridge


4|Access to an H2O Oasis

Going to the pool everyday as a teenager will forever be one of my favorite summer memories. I was all in for the endless games of sharks and minnows and concession stand ice cream. Trust me, I have not outgrown this former version of myself, but at this season in my life I love the water for additional reasons. It is very therapeutic for my mind to unwind poolside for a few hours. Beaches, community pools, and backyard sprinklers are one of the best things about summer, take every advantage of them for refreshing fun.


5|Inexpensive Iced Coffee

Nothing picks me up like a glass of iced coffee. As much as I love a barista made drink, it bombs my budget. This summer treat yourself everyday by downing a DIY iced coffee. To your chilled coffee add 5 ice cubes, a splash of almond milk, 2 packs of Splenda. Recycle a glass jar to serve in or use a aluminum tumbler to keep nice n’ cold.

Adobe Spark (1)

6|Ear Candy 

If you are not already listening to Still With You well, what can I say? You so should be! Please do not think this because I host this show, I promise. Do not tune in to listen to me, but rather the wonderful friends who invite to share their heart. Each episode is inspiring, entertaining, and has a little something for everyone. There is so many exciting things to look forward to this summer with new friends and an updated cover graphic. You can listen on iTunes, Spreaker, and now on iHeart Radio. Access to links for the show appear under the Podcast tab.

Also a few notable easy listening summer albums…

Crazy Beautiful You by Leanna Crawford

Words by Sara Evans

I Am Healed by Dianne Michelle

Easy Never Needed You by Sarah Reeves

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