Little Words. Brave Change.

Nothing is more inspiring than the color pink and a little word that  packs a punches. I am talking about the black band on my arm sporting the white beads that spell out BRAVE. This statement dangles on my wrist as a daily reminder of the person that I want to be, a braver version of myself.

Two years ago I was crippled in the trench on a war for my life against anxiety.

A year ago I laid endless hours on my yoga mat praying for healing for my lower back.

Today I am not perfect human being by any means, but I am intentionally trying to be a braver one. This is not through my own strength, but only through the power of Jesus Christ. The God can silence my fears and meets me right where I am to free me of my sins, shame, and pain. When people ask me about my little word, I want to tell them about Jesus, because only He makes me BRAVE.

I am falling madly in love with the Little Words Project, the nice girl gang that made my BRAVE bracelet, and I hope you do too. It’s not just me who needs to be brave. It’s you too. Let’s be strong together, through Him.


Check it out guys…

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