Letters of Encouragement


Confession, the title of this post is not an original thought of mine. In fact, it came to me right after I clicked “confirm purchase”. It is the title of the She Reads Truth 1 & 2 Thessalonians study, a slim book filled with scripture and beautiful botanical design. Its greenery and floral freshness feels oh so timely. While the rest of the nation is still defrosting their windshields, the early onsets of spring have arrived in the upside of Florida.

Spring has always be a time of new beginnings for me. I always asked my mother to chop off all my hair and became hopeful about summer crushes in the season. This year is very different. I feel myself desiring rest and fulfilling encouragement.

A few weeks ago I received a card from my friend Tiffini. At the top of the card was my name printed boldly in the cutest calligraphy. Tears filled my eyes as I read the words that filled this little piece of card stock paper. I want to share it with you, not because of what I have done, but for the fact that this girl can write one heck of a card. Tiffini is the type of person I want to be, one who can bravely encourage others.


I was so happy when I drew your name because I had so much to say. I’m writing this as I begin my first day of “100 Days to Brave”-I told two of my friends who really struggle with depression and anxiety and they are starting it too. One even told another friend. I say all that to tell you that God blessed your obedience of posting it online –you started a chain of real encouragement by just making me feel like I wasn’t alone and like I didn’t have to hide my struggles –that’s a real gift Kohlie! I adore that about you and I know that the other girls felt it too. You’ve helped me grow in my relationship with Christ. You’ve been a beacon. Also, I’m so thankful that we can share Riverdale thoughts and Trump tears. I’m praying the Lord grows your talents (Matthew 25:14-30) and He continues to use you.

Love you,


Thank you my sweet friend! Tiffini, you have no idea how much I needed to read your words. They continue to spur me on to do, move, and be more like Christ. . I will forever treasure that little gold card you sent me.

Words of reassurance and recognition are like a bouquet of wildflowers in a mason jar. They are all kinds of beautiful. Yet, like flowers they sadly wilt away. For a new arrangement, you have to replace the glass jar with fresh floras. We are made to be renewed daily and filled with encouragement.

When I feel drained I toss around the idea of quitting. Oh, what a relief it would be to quit college, drop a project or two, and not be so invested in certain areas of my life. Sometimes the action of giving up something is absolutely in God’s plan, it might even open a door for new opportunity to come forth. Yet, quitting it is born mainly out discouragement. Why do you think so many people decide to end their life? It is devastating. This is never God’s plan for anyone! If you are reading and need help, I urge you to receive it immediately. There is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all. You are worth listening too! I feel called to place the National Suicide Prevention Hotline number here, 1-800-273-8255.

Maybe you have been walking on rose petals and life is going great for you right now? Do not feel any guilt about this, but if you can, be a plug for someone else. Pull them up onto the pedestal in which you are presently standing. If you feel like you are walking through a desert and longing for Eden, hang in there. Dive into your scripture, listen to uplifting music, and take a stroll outside. My friend Pam and I were talking the other day about the power of sunshine. We both agreed it has healing powers. Seriously, you can do this. Set yourself up to receive encouragement!

These two verses are from the book of 2 Chronicles

“When the word spread, the Israelites gave liberally of the best of the grain, new wine, fresh oil, honey, and all of the produce of the field, and they brought in abundance, a tenth of everything.” -31:5

“Since they began bringing the offering to the Lord’s temple, we eat and are satisfied and there is plenty left over because the Lord has blessed his people; this abundance is what is left over.” -31:10

What fresh oil are you offering? Are you at the Lord’s temple to receive these blessings? You read that the abundance is plenty, open your palms, open your heart, and then pour encouragement into the lives of others. Receive this, open your bible, read His letters of encouragement.

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