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Finally, my little podcast project has launched. I have prayed over this thing for so long and I am so excited for you to finally hear it. The idea for “Still With You” did not magically come to me overnight, it was a number of things that set it into motion. I explain all of this in Episode 1, which I can only dream all of you listening to as you drink your lattes or carpool to school. The thought of it literally gives me goosebumps and makes me what to jump up and down with happiness.

Consider this an invitation into my little corner as I speak with those oh so close to me. As you listen in I hope you laugh a lot and come love every individual that shares their heart.  There will be many surprises this season. I promise, you want to be here for every single episode.

This is not just any podcast, it is a place centered around real people, my friends. All of them are so brave and their stories are worth telling over and over again. God has done amazing things for each for them and through them He is moving in me.

In every season of my life, especially the one I am in currently, their have been friends who inspired me in every way. They have loaned me books, bought me coffee, dried my tears, and driven me to new cities (like Nashville). They have cheered me on, believed in my crazy dreams, and sang along with me to all of the music that makes me feel alive.

One friend gave me life, and for awhile she was simply my mom, but now that I am a bit older she is so much more than that. With another I spent many afternoons at Mexican restaurants conversing with in Spanish with our waiters, as we attempted to master the language together. One accompanied me to my junior prom when I was dateless, and another introduced me to what a strong work ethic looks like and Elvis Presley.  Bravely, another friend flew with me to Costa Rica and years later another gal ventured to Florida just to visit me. Last year a group of 10 girls invited me into their lives and we all became as close as sisters. Oh, and I married one of my friends. Actually, he is my above all, best friend.

I do not deserve any of what God has given me and I chose not to take any of it for granted. This podcast is part of this conscious decision in doing so. It is an outlet to share the voices of my close-knit crew with the world.

This podcast feels like a very brave decision for me. I have no real authority in saying this, I mean, my brother fearlessly jumps out of airplanes for a living. Yet, it feels BIG to me.  If anything maybe “Still With You” will spark a little bravery within you, because if I can do this, so can you. For sure.

The theme verse behind the podcast comes from Psalm 139:18,

” …when I awake, I am still with you.”

The other day I learned that Jesus is incapable of abandoning us. His omnipresent presence guarantees that He is not going anywhere and is with you at all times. I pray “Still With You” will be a breath of fresh air in your life and a peaceful reminder of this promise. Every morning, around 6am or so, I will be praying for you, listening on the other side of your phone or tablet. I hope this podcast will create a community where people feel like they can hang out and laugh. A place where they know they belong.

Week after week I will be here, still with you. Let’s be friends and please enjoy the podcast!


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