Episode 100: Marking the Moment

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Twenty years-old, living in a new Coastal city, I was craving a deeper connection with God. With an open but unsure heart, I asked Him to give me His vision for the plans He had for my life. A few prayerful months later I purchased a podcast mic and with bold courage asked a friend if she would be willing to share part of her story with me for a new project. After we recording together I took another brave step of and reached out to another friend asking the same question, then another, and another, and another…

In January 2018, ‘Still With You hosted by Kohlie Browning‘ a space sharing gold, inspiring stories with genuine friends about our faithful God, found a home on the podcast airwaves and my life changed forever!!

To date, ‘Still With You’ has lovingly welcomed 90 friends and counting to share their story. With 100 episodes (as of today!! YAY!!) and thousands of downloads, its purpose has not wavered. The podcast serves as a reminder of a promise from God that you are not alone. He is still with you, Psalm 139:18.

Just as Joshua built memorials to honor God after crossing the Jordan River, my hope too is for this episode to be a marking moment. Join me and my dear friend/returning guest Tiffany Leader, as we catch up 100 episodes later still chatting about streaming queues, tiny homes, growing in health, and of course the new STILL WITH YOU tees!! Preorder your shirt right now, click here.

Many thanks…

To every incredible guest, sponsor, partner in prayer, and friends of the show you are a true gems! I would not be able to share this ministry if it were not for your kindness and overwhelming generosity. My wish would be to look at each of you from across a table to say thank you. We also have to would sip a cold brew coffee or two, because ‘Extra Ice’ obviously. Again, with a full heart of sincere gratitude I want to thank you every single one of you who have walked with me to 100.

God you get all the credit for every second of this. Without Him I would be nothing!

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Links for this episode…

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Transcendent Kingdom by Yea Gyasi

The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett

Arthur Rocker

How to Podcast with Kohlie Browning 

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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