Episode 96: “Believe Boldly” with Author and Speaker Erica Willis

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Are you tired of lukewarm Christianity? Are you living a Christian life but lacking the power displayed by Jesus in the New Testament? Do you find yourself  bouncing back and forth between skepticism and bold faith?

Author and Speaker, Erica Willis asked herself these same questions. Desperate for more of God, she accepted a challenge to engage in daily prayer. Every morning she woke up early praying for one hour at 5am, five days a week (Monday-Friday), for five weeks. With a freshly brewed cup of coffee and sometimes a begrudging spirit she began pouring out her heart to God and in less than five weeks she was witnessing Him transform her safe, predictable, Christian faith into an earth-shattering adventure.

What began in the comfort of her own living room has not only bloomed into an international prayer ministry, The Fives, but also a book, Believe Boldly. On this episode of ‘Still With You’ Erica shares her story of moving from normal, safe, predictable faith to embracing God’s power through simple yet bold prayer.

Erica’s love for encouraging women, the local church, and Kansas City Bar-B-Que is a fun blessing! Grab a comfy seat, a copy of Believe Boldly, and maybe a savory stack of ribs?! We are excited for you to join us on this episode of ‘Still With You’.

Links for this episode…

Erica Willis

The Fives

Believe Boldly by Erica Willis

Philippians 4

New River Fellowship

New River TV

David and Madison Fish

The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

How to Podcast with Kohlie Browning 

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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