Episode 93: Celebrating 10 Years of Empowering Military Spouses with R. Riveter Co-founder Cameron Cruse

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R.Riveter handbags are more than just canvas and leather coming together into a beautiful functional accessory. Each part and piece, from the leather support tags to outer shell, is made in the homes of military spouses across the country. Every handbag carries a story.

Founded in 2011 by Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley, R. Riveter exists to empower military spouses through mobile, flexible income and community. What began as two military spouses, armed with a big idea, and one sewing machine in a small attic, has grown into a bold and achievable mission shared by many.

This November R.Riveter will commemorate 10 years of being business, but we are already raising our glasses! On this episode of ‘Still With You’ I join co-founder, Cameron, to speak about her and Lisa’s eager beginnings in Dahlonega, Georgia to investments on Shark Tank and a decade later launching the Riveter Fund, a grant program for military connected entrepreneurs. This special anniversary milestone arrives with moments of reflection, but also much celebration!

Strong As Military Spouse

On average, military families move every 2.9 years – and oftentimes, they relocate to remote military bases where there are fewer professional opportunities for spouses. In duty locations next to smaller cities, it’s oftentimes difficult to create a professional network, interview, search and obtain jobs – all while supporting your service member and helping your family adjust to the new location. This is an aspect of being a military spouse that is not widely discussed, yet is a major struggle for most families. 

Because of the transient lifestyle, constraints of moving, cost of caregiving, and flexibility required to balance family obligations when a servicemember is away, many spouses seek or require remote work opportunities. In fact, 57% of military spouses do not work outside the home. 

R.Riveter’s mission to empower military spouses across the started with a simple idea: to enable spouses to earn mobile, flexible income. Through a unique manufacturing process, independent contractors are able to achieve this goal, by crafting components for R.Riveter handbags and accessories in their homes, no matter where they are located in the United States.

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