Episode 88: Dismantling Lies Keeping You From Healing with Jessica Hottle

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Faith-based fitness coach, podcast host, speaker, and #1 best-selling author, Jessica Hottle, is unafraid of sticky situations! Perhaps, you know this already? One of her favorite ways to uplift others is by writing encouraging truth on colorful Post it Notes and sharing them online. Her feed is spilling over with challenging, empowering words, all leading to freedom found only in Jesus.

“For too long, I let my body be my idol, men be my source of worth and value, and the success of my business determine my identity and success as a person. I found freedom from the pain of my past by realizing that my worth isn’t determined by my works, actions, or what has been done to me – my worth is only determined by the love of Jesus going to the cross for me.”

Forget feeling like your mess is too much! Jessica believes everyday an opportunity to move towards health and she wants to help dismantle the lies that keep us from healing and wholeness. She has written three books, “Know Your Worth,” “A Worthy Wife,” and “Own Your Worth and every week speaks on ‘What’s The Truth’ a podcast designed to challenge the way you think so that you can change the way you live.

Jessica refuses to follow rules, restrictions, and religious duties. She would rather live authentically, with integrity, and in freedom through Christ. With this philosophy, she helps women find freedom from their past and healing in their bodies through faith-based fitness coaching, books, and speaking events to create long-term, sustainable results.

On this episode of ‘Still With You’ I am sitting down with the warrior herself to ask her hard questions about healing, boundaries, and body image. Pull out your pen and Post its, very word is noteworthy.

Links from today’s show…

Jessica Hottle

What’s The Truth, podcast hosted by Jessica Hottle

What’s The Truth, podcast hosted by Jessica Hottle

Music, “We’ll Be Alright” by Gabrielle Grace

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