KB Essentials September ’20

Hey, friends! I have collected a few of my favorite finds for this month. There is A LOT of green and peace themes flowing. I love how God is always moving us towards health. Sometimes it is a simple as a ball cap that keeps my hair in place or snacking on rejuvenating fruit. Most vital are the moments in His Word, thank you Anchored in Faith by Carla K. Whitehead. 

I hope you find these picks encouraging. Some are great deals while others are a little more of an investment, but each are products I use and love, enjoy!

  1. Lululemon Baller Hat II Soft- My norm is wearing a men’s fitted cap, because I trust their durability. However, I often miss a the slimness of a women’s style. When I read the fabric of this lightweight mesh hat was water repellent (hello, sweat and rain!) I knew it was made for more than just a cute sports team logo. The Lululemon Baller Hat is designed like me to work on the go!! I have tried to find it on other sites, but the best deal is on the original site, $38. Plus it comes in five alternative colors!!

2. Woodstock Blueberries, Wild, Organic – 10 Ounces– Frozen blueberries are the ultimate guilt free snack of all time. Low cal and amazing for your immune system, eat them by the bowl fulls.

3. Anchored in Faith: Trusting the Character of God– This 30 day devotional challenged me to sink deep into the Word of God and allowed me to learn more about His loving nature. Every day has a journaling section for you to reflect and share what you are learning and how God is growing you. Plus, Author, Speaker, Counselor Carla K. Whitehead is sharing on the podcast this month!! Pair this upcoming episode with your own copy of the devo today.

4. SPEAK Course by Katie Haskell– I cannot recommend this course enough. I have been a student of Katie’s in both SPEAK and her LOGOS course. She is a brilliant teacher and being so generous in offering this next course for FREE. Availably is limited, spots will fill up fast and the first class begins September 24th

“SPEAK is a 4-week course on hearing the voice of God, knowing your power and authority in the gifts of the Spirit, and understanding how to walk in the fullness of the call of God on your life. Classes are offered over video chat using the Zoom app and can be joined from all over the world. All classes are recorded and able to be watched later if the student is unable to join the live class. All classes are in Central Standard time zone”.

5. Evolution Fresh Organic Green Devotion Juice – 11 fl oz – I am never in the mood to down a dump truck load of kale and cucumbers, but I do love a smooth juice. Bursting with vibrant flavor, you can snag this little green bottle at your local grocery store.

6. Sephora Collection Dry Shampoo– This item is $6 and my most trusted ally. Sephora’s dry shampoo is easy to use and enriched with apple cider vinegar to help cleanse and rebalance the scalp. While some poos you spray and watch is disappear immediately after use what I adore most about this product is that I can actually feel it working. It keeps my hair looking clean and full of needed volume. Give it a good shake before you spray okayyyy!

7. R. Riveter Leather Key Chain -This product has been revamped with a beautiful gold key ring. Prior to this it was a much small dull metal clip, which I still own and am not unhappy about because I LOVE how all of R. Riveter’s products are crafted with genuine leather. Nothing says professional more than a chic key chain, sorry neon rabbit fur.

8. Peace by Bethel Music -This album holds numerous easter eggs that move far beyond the traditional worship experience. Every track includes cutting edge sound techniques scientifically proven to heal part of the brain damaged by emotional trauma. Often you will hear peaceful soundscapes adding a calming layer to the original version of every song. Since its April release Peace has continued to play in my home, even lulling me as I sleep and in quiet moments of meditative prayer. More of HIM less of me.

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