My 2019 Soundtrack


Every year tells a story and like an Oscar award winning film or even a classic 90’s flick there is a killer soundtrack to accompany it. Here are few of my favorite albums, songs, and artists, that faithfully followed me in and out of 2019…


Prove to You by Arthur Rocker

My Destiny by Penton Worship

Fire and Grace by Becky Denton

Synthensia by Benjamin Voigt

House on a Hill by Amanda Lindsey Cook

Faith and Wonder (Live) by Meredith Andrews


“Seasons to Seasons” by Phil Shibata

“Washed” by UPPERROOM Music

“Jesus, Come be the Center (ft. Meredith Mauldrin)” by UPPERROOM Music

“Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi

“17” by Zhavi Ward

“Blue Suede Couch” by Lucy Calavier

“Honey + Tea” – Mozi

“Gold” by Kiiara

“Incense (Live)” by The Belonging Co, Sarah Reeves

“Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince” by Taylor Swift

“You’re Special” by NF

“Edge of Heaven” by Battle Drums

“Though You Slay Me” by Shane & Shane

“Be Still” by The Killers

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