Episode 20: A Summer in the Dominican Republic with Tory Osborne

Episode 20
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Tory Osborne is a NICU nurse with an overflowing love for people of the Dominican Republic. This past summer Tory had every intention of visiting the Dominican for only a week on a medical missions trip, but she felt God wanted something more. After pressing into this calling the Lord revealed to her to that He had other plans. He needed her to extend her trip to serve for the entire summer. With an obedient heart and overwhelming number of open doors before her, Tory bravely said “Yes God”. Through an internship with organization, One More Child,  she spent two and half months in the Dominican and one month in Guatemala. Tory was able to minister by educating other NICU nurses and caring for children and infants with the radical love of Jesus.

In this episode of ‘Still With You’ Tory shares her experiences this summer. Some stories will break your heart and others you will have no words for, but above all please remember that God is good. He has a plan for His people, even in the most hopeless of circumstances. Tory represents Christ so well, her life is an anthem, and I cannot encourage listening to this episode enough. Every time I listen I cry and am so deeply moved and it is my prayer that you will be too.

For baby Jacob:

“Voici, je suis avec toi, je te garderai partout où tu iras, et je te ramènerai dans ce pays; car je ne t’abandonnerai point, que je n’aie exécuté ce que je te dis” -Genèse 28:15 (French Translation)

“Y he aquí, yo soy contigo, y te guardaré por donde quiera que fueres, y te volveré á esta tierra; porque no te dejaré hasta tanto que haya hecho lo que te he dicho” -Génesis 28:15 (Spanish Translation)

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you” -Genesis 28:15

Tory Osborne

Episode 10: Tory’s Story 

“Watch the Ramparts” by Traci Shinnick 

One More Child

Go Fund Me: Dominican Republic Medical Missions

Scripture mentioned…Mark 4:22, Genesis 28:15, John 14:12-14

Audio Tech: Elizabeth Carnes

Music, “Soaring” by Kristie Masing

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