“If I ride on the wings of morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength support me.” -Psalm 139:9-10 NLT

I will never forget my 13-year-old self sitting on my bed with my pink magnetic bible reading this verse for the first time. As if butterflies had kissed my brain, immediately I knew this would be my life verse.

My name is Kohlie Browning. I am an Air Force wife, Army sister, writer, speaker, podcast host, and my favorite, daughter of the King. My amazing husband, Chris, and I have been married for four years and currently reside in Pensacola, Florida. Transitioning from being a single Pringle and living small rural community in Missouri to being married and thrown into military culture has been an adventure to say the least. My anxious heart has entered an entirely new season of life, and everyday God is calling me to trust Him even more than the day before.

Life is not meant to be masked, which is why I promise to always be genuine in discussing real life. Whether this is through a podcast episode, blog post, or a conversation in a cute coffee shop, my prayer remains the same; for you to be showered with encouragement and feel oh so loved.

Everyday I am amazed that God wants our real. Our barred hearts, bulging fists, and broken history, nothing is too much for Him. We can do nothing to earn the divine gift of His love, but receive it with open palms by surrendering our lives to Him. Inviting Jesus into your life Jesus is the best and bravest decision you will ever make, because following Christ is beyond exciting!

Though I may have a different last name and few more years of life experience under my belt, I am still that wide eyed 13-year-old girl who sat on her bed clutching her pink bible. I still love writing about everything, playing my music way too loud, and drinking major amounts of coffee. My family and I are still ever so tight and I still run very very slow. My thoughts on abortion, about how every life is precious, have not changed and neither has my hair color, well, um, only a little! Psalm 139:9-10 is still my verse, it will always be my verse, and it can be yours too, because that is just how great our God is!


Kohlie Browning is a 2019 graduate of Columbia College with a Bachelors of Arts degree in English/Literature. To date she is equipped with experiences in working in audio production, public speaking/performing, communicative writing, and K-12 education. Her friends and acquaints find Kohlie’s natural ability to encourage to be inspiring. She is dedicated to learning more about the creative field of media production and hosting.