SZL: Coffee Sknobs

Less than five minutes from Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the 509th Bomb Wing, rests Coffee Sknobs. It’s a calm, rustic stop to fuel up, especially, if you are an airman commuting to work! The shop’s name is playful blend of it’s brick and mortar location, Knob Noster, Missouri and it’s sole mission of serving coffee, strong and bold. Two adjectives that also describe the service members who call this community home.

Warm worn wooden floors, spacious natural light, and rich notes of coffee brewing welcomes you to Sknob’s. With an abundance of seating and outlets, options for solo work or meeting with friends are endless. As my husband Chris and I walked through the shop we saw remote workers typing away their to-do lists, two friends gathering for Bible study, and service members meeting their families for lunch.

Pops of patriotism in the form of American flags and military unit patches adorn the shop’s walls. As milspo, I often have a magnified view of how difficult the life of a service member can be. However, it is the simple joy of feeling supported by individuals and businesses who genuinely care that carries you through. Displaying patriotic symbols of support are meaning and encouraging to service members and their families.

This broad harvest table centered by the shop’s east entrance immediately had my heart. It’s the perfect nook for gathering or photos.

The Sknobby, a traditional espresso, rests at top of the menu, followed by simple brews such as house coffee and pour over options. Matcha, chai, frappes, and non coffee options, such as craft soda, smoothies, and hot tea follow. Bagels and made-in house pies and pastries are a extra treat Sknob’s offers.

Chris’s pour over coffee was served in a separate small glass pitcher for him to drink at his own pace. My cappuccino was a perfect curation of espresso and foam.

Though Sknobs does offer the convince of ordering online with delivery to your car, the atmosphere and coffee is an invitation of deviation to the usual pick-up and leave pattern.

103 West McPherson StreetKnob Noster, MO 65336

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm | Saturday 8am-2pm

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