Your NAME matters.


Do you like your name? Seriously, it is an important question. How do you feel about what others call you?

As a kid I use to complain about how my parents gave me an uncommon name. For the longest time I wanted something more girly and for friends to pronounce Kohlie correctly on the first try. None of these things have changed, but my heart certainly has. Now, I LOVE MY NAME. It is so unique and outside of reading Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan, I have never known anyone else who shares it with me✨

Do you value your name? Have you discovered it’s meaning or asked your parents why they chose it for you? What do you feel about this? Put your thoughts to paper and pray through it. I know God has something He wants to share with you about this specific part of who YOU are.

Yesterday I recorded and interview for Still With You with my new friend Dusty Hegge.  Guys, you are going to love hearing from her. She had so many amazing things to say house plants, Jesus, family, growing and NAMES.

As we were talking about the story behind, Dusty, her beautiful name, I said

“Our name is the starting line for the rest of our life. It is the first thing we own”.

Even though I have yet to find the exact meaning of mine, I am still in a space thinking about NAMES.

They matter.

Please keep sharing stories of your name with me! I am truly loving it.

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